Frequently asked questions


Why should I use press-on nails?

Press-on nails are a much more convenient way to have a beautiful manicure without the heavy price tag. You are able to change your style a lot more frequently without having to make time for an appointment, and they are reusable too!

How long do your press-on nails last?

When using the glue for long-term use, the nails should last up to 2 weeks if applied properly and taken care of. When applied with the sticky tabs for short term use, the nails should last 1–2 days.

What sizes do they come in?

Our press-on nails are one-size fits all! There are 24 nails in each pack with 12 different sizes to fit everyone without the need to figure out your size first.

What comes in each nail box?

  • 24 individual and reusable nails 
  • Strong hold nail glue 
  • Nail adhesive tabs 
  • Small nail file 
  • Cuticle stick
  • Alcohol wipe

How do I apply the press-on nails? 

We have a tutorial video in our "how to" section on the website to help.

Our written instructions are:

  1. File the top of your nails to roughen the surface. Then use the alcohol prep pad and clean and dry your nails.
  2. Select the nails that best fit your own nails and set aside. 
  3. For longest lasting nails, squeeze a dot of glue onto the inside of the press-on nail (for extra hold, add glue to the surface of your own nail as well). OR for 1-2 day wear, use the sticker tabs. Place them sticky side down onto the inside of all the nails. It helps to remove the plastic covers on all the nails before laying them face down in order. 
  4. Align the nail just above your cuticle, then press down firmly for 20 seconds. 
  5. Finally, use the file to clean up the nails and file/shape to desired length. 

How do I remove the press-on nails? 

  1. Soak your nails in a bowl of warm water (as warm as you can stand) and dish soap for 20 minutes. 
  2. Using the cuticle stick, gently push under your nails around the edges to loosen and take off. Do not force the nails off. If your nails are still firmly attached, place your hands back in the water for another 20 minutes (you may need to warm up the water again). Continue this process until the nails come off easily. 
  3. For remaining glue on your nails, use the file to get off as much as you can, then use acetone on a cotton bud, and hold it on the nail for 30 seconds.

Can I trim and shape the nails? 

Yes! Our press-on nails are very easy to file down and shape to your desire. We recommend using a nail file to adjust the length and/or shape of the nail as you can be more precise. Nail clippers can also be used to adjust the nails, however the nail files are better to help prevent mistakes.

What do I do if a nail comes off? 

If one of your nails appears to not be stuck down correctly and pops off, it is a quick and easy fix. Just add some more glue, or another sticky tab to reapply it. If you previously used glue, you may want to use the nail file to remove some of the hardened glue inside the press-on nail before reapplying so that it sits comfortably on your nail. 

Can the nails fall off?

Depending on the type of adhesive you choose, your nails should stay on for approximately 2 weeks with glue, or 1-2 days with sticker tabs. If you are having trouble with the strength of the glue, there could be a few reasons for this. 

It is best to keep your hands away from water for at least 6 hours after application, and try to avoid showering with them for at least 24 hours, as water will start to weaken the glue. 

Avoid applying the press-on nails straight after using cuticle oil, as this will also weaken the glue and create a less tacky surface for the nails to stick to. 

To make your nails last longer, we recommend adding glue to your own nail as well as the press-on nail when applying, and pressing them down for at least 20-30 seconds per nail. 

Are the press-on nails reusable?

Yes! Our nails are reusable and come in a pack of 24, so you will have spares if you need them. 

Are Glazed Beauty cruelty free and vegan? 

Yes our nails are vegan and cruelty free.