The New Generation of Press-On Nails and How to Spot Them

Back in the day, press-on nails were like those cheap little finds you'd stumble upon at the corner store, the kind kids would grab for fun. They were flimsy, not too cute, and far from the stylish finish you'd get at a salon. And then, after a day or so, they'd just pop off, making a salon manicure feel incomparable. 

Thankfully, the press-on nail industry has come such a long way in the last few years, with heaps of improvement in the quality, design and function of the nails. Taking what used to be a cheap accessory and turning them into a great beauty hack for those who are short on time or don’t want to be spending so much money each month on salon visits, without having to sacrifice quality or longevity. 

In saying this, there are still lots of cheap press-on nail brands out there that will pretty much give you the same disappointing result as before. But finding high quality press-on nails is easy, if you know what to look out for. 

Most quality press on nail brands will be a quite lot cheaper than a salon visit, but they will sit around half the price. Anything that’s too much lower than that, you can pretty much be sure, they’re cheaper for a reason.

Quality press-on nail brands prioritize thoughtful packaging. If a brand only showcases a few nails on the front of the box, leaving the rest disorganized in the back, it's a red flag. Since press-on nails come in different sizes, brands should streamline the process of finding the right fit.

Additionally, if a brand offers what seems like an unlimited selection of styles on their website, it may indicate that they're drop-shipping, which could mean they lack physical stock to test or control the quality of their products.

Good quality press-on nails, on the other hand, have some great standout features. This new generation of press-on nails will have:

Enhanced Adhesive: Quality press-on nails boast seriously sticky glue designed for prolonged wear. The adhesive is water-resistant to maintain its grip and preserve the nails' appearance over time.

Increased Durability: These nails are crafted thicker and stronger, making them customisable (easy to trim down) and less prone to breakage. The added thickness lends them a sturdier feel akin to salon nails.

Natural Appearance: The latest press-on nails offer a more natural look, featuring a realistic curve tailored to match your natural nail. They boast a smooth surface and a thin cuticle area, resulting in a less bulky appearance along the edges.

In summary, the transformation of press-on nails from their cheap and flimsy origins to today's sophisticated beauty solution is truly remarkable. With advancements in quality, design, and functionality, press-on nails now offer a convenient alternative to salon visits without sacrificing quality or style. However, it's important to be discerning in selecting brands, as not all press-on nails are created equal. As the industry continues to evolve, press-on nails have firmly established themselves as a versatile and accessible choice for nail enthusiasts everywhere.

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