Press-On Nails: the more sustainable and environmentally friendly option for manicures

Recently, the world is becoming more aware of, and caring about their impact on the environment. As a result, we are actively finding new ways to lower our carbon footprint. Eco-friendly options when it comes to beauty products are becoming increasingly more popular and have even become a priority for a lot of us when considering whether to choose one product over the other. One area where people are delving deeper into the impacts on the environment is in the realm of nail care. Unsurprisingly, traditional nail enhancements like acrylics and gels, often come with a hefty environmental footprint, but a more sustainable option that’s gaining popularity is press-on nails.

The Problem with Traditional Nail Enhancements

The traditional nail enhancement such as acrylic and gel manicures at the salon, have been widely popular due to their longevity and durability. However, the products used in the acrylic and gel manicures come with a lot of environmental concerns. The harsh chemicals that are used in these formulas are harmful to both human health and the environment around them. Additionally, the removal of these products can be damaging and generate a significant amount of waste. 

Enter Press-On Nails: A Greener Alternative

Swapping to press-on nails offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to salon manicures, giving you the same look without the harsh chemicals. These nails come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to suit everyone, and good quality press-on nails are also easy to further customise on top of that without the extensive time spent in the salon. 

Waste Reduction

One of the most notable benefits of switching to press-on nails is their potential for waste reduction. Unlike having an acrylic or gel manicure, which requires regular salon visits for upkeep, application and removal, press-on nails are easy to apply and remove at home with minimal waste. Press-on nails come with both nail glue and sticky tabs, both of which are easy to remove with simple, everyday products you find in your kitchen (e.g. hot water, soap and oil) with minimal damage to your natural nails, reducing the need for harsh chemicals and wasteful packaging. 

Reusable Options

Another great benefit of press-on nails is the ability to reuse them. While manicures done at the salon need to be completely dissolved or filed down to be removed, and reapplied each time they chip or grow out, press-on nails can be removed, cleaned and reapplied multiple times. They are also super easy to reapply if one was to come off, unlike salon nails where you have to go back to the salon and pay for your nails to be fixed. Using press-on nails not only extends the lifespan of your nails but also helps to reduce the amount of waste generated over time. With proper care, a single set of nails can last for multiple wears, making them the more sustainable option. 

If sustainable and environmentally friendly beauty options are what you’re looking for, switching to press-on nails is a great step in the right direction. With benefits like waste reduction, reusability and staying away from a lot of harsh chemicals. So the next time you're looking to freshen up your nails, why not try press-on nails. Your nails – and the planet – will thank you for it.

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